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Fork & Spoon


The filling is a mixture of polenta, risotto, butter, mascarpone and corn juice.

Pulling the meat from a roasted chicken and substituting it for the crab would certainly be acceptable. Just toss it in the sauce right before serving.

As for the time this recipe took, I'd say it was somewhere around 6-7 hours, but (1) I was a little disorganized, (2) I didn't make the pasta dough in advance, and (3) I was stopping to take photos every so often. I imagine that one person could do the whole recipe, start to finish, in closer to 3 hours, with a little practice.


If I understand correctly you DID use other starches, corn and risotto?
How would you suggest chicken be served with this, since your sis and I are not overly fond of crab?
How long did this all take; start to finish? Our guess..... 4 hours.

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